Mathieu Puech

Welcome  to my (forever-in-construction) web-page!

Astrophysicist / Astronomer

Since 2022I am an «Astronome» (Equivalent to a professorship position in astronomy) at GEPI, one of the Paris Observatory labs. I am working on galaxy formation and evolution and share my time between astronomical research, instrument development, and teaching.

You can (try to) find me at the Meudon Observatory, «Grands Communs» building, Office #163 (2nd floor, Paris aisle).

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Personal details

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I am interested in galaxy formation and evolution, and in particular in how galaxies evolved during the past 8 Gyr (i.e., since z~1).


I've been involved in different instrument projects for the future Europen Extremely Large Telescope currently built in Chile by ESO.


I'm responsible for the general audience campus-based Teaching Track of the Paris Observatory.

Studying Distant Galaxies: A Handbook of Methods and Analyses

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